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Example Mortgage Documents

The mortgage process involves a sea of paperwork that can overwhelm borrowers. The FREEandCLEAR example mortgage documents highlight some of the more important documents you will review (and in some cases sign) during the mortgage process. While our example mortgage documents are for informational purposes only they are helpful for borrowers trying to make sense of the flood of paperwork they face when obtaining a mortgage.

  • Example Mortgage Documents
  • Detailed overview and examples of key mortgage process documents
  • Mortgage ProgramsAppraisal Report

    A comprehensive analysis of the value of the home you are seeking to purchase or refinance

    Mortgage ProgramsLoan Estimate (LE)

    A lender must provide the borrower a Loan Estimate (LE) that outlines the estimated key terms of a mortgage including interest rate and closing costs, within three days of the borrower submitting a loan application

    Mortgage ProgramsClosing Disclosure (CD)

    A lender must provide a Closing Disclosure (CD) to the borrower that outlines the final, actual terms of the mortgage including interest rate, closing costs and mortgage features at least three business days prior to the mortgage closing

    Mortgage ProgramsTruth-in-Lending Statement

    A standardized form provided by the lender at the time the borrower submits a loan application that presents detailed information about mortgage costs and features, including the APR and finance charge

    Mortgage ProgramsQualified Mortgage (QM) Scorecard

    A form that determines the borrower’s ability to repay the mortgage based on government guidelines

    Mortgage ProgramsTitle Report

    A report issued by a title company or attorney that verifies the legal ownership of a property and identifies any recorded property liens or easements

    Mortgage ProgramsOffer to Purchase

    A document that outlines the key terms of your proposal to purchase a property

    Mortgage ProgramsMortgage Note

    Document that outlines the key terms of the mortgage and indicates the borrower's promise to repay the debt

    Mortgage ProgramsLoan Application (Form 1003)

    Lenders require a borrower to submit an application, also referred to as a Form 1003, when applying for a mortgage. The application focuses on the borrower's financial profile and employment history

    Mortgage ProgramsLender Fees Worksheet

    A detailed breakdown of mortgage costs and expenses. Although the lender is not legally required to provide you with the fees worksheet, it should provide it to you if requested

    Mortgage ProgramsHUD-1

    A standardized form provided by the closing agent at least one day prior to the closing of the mortgage that lists the final, actual terms and costs of a mortgage, including the interest rate, points and all one-time expenses

    Mortgage ProgramsGrant Deed

    The legal document recorded by the county government that conveys property ownership

    Mortgage ProgramsGood Faith Estimate (GFE)

    According to federal law, a lender must provide a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) of the key terms of a mortgage including interest rate and closing costs, at the time the borrower submits a loan application

    Mortgage ProgramsFirst Payment Letter

    Letter provided by lender when you close your mortgage that notes your monthly mortgage payment amount, when the payment is due and where to send the payment

    Mortgage ProgramsDeed of Trust

    This document is used in many Southern states in place of a mortgage to indicate that there is a promissory note (debt) on the property

    Mortgage ProgramsDeed of Reconveyance

    Document provided by a property seller’s lender indicating that the seller is released from his or her mortgage debt and that lender no longer holds a lien against the property

    Mortgage ProgramsVA Loan Analysis

    Document that determines a borrower’s ability to qualify for a VA mortgage


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