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We provide a range of mortgage resources that enable you to become the most educated mortgage applicant possible.  Our Mortgage Advice and Expert Insights offerings provide tips and pointers from a mortgage professional with over four and a half decades of industry knowledge.  Our Mortgage Encyclopedia provides definitions for hundreds of mortgage terms, enabling you to understand confusing mortgage terminology.  We also feature over fifteen Example Mortgage Documents so you can make sense of the overwhelming volume of paperwork you encounter over the course of the mortgage process.  Our Mortgage Videos offer informative tutorials to help you learn about key mortgage subjects.  In short, these valuable resources help you better navigate the mortgage and refinance processes.  Select one of the resources from the menu below to expand your mortgage knowledge.

Mortgage GuideMortgage Advice

Review helpful mortgage advice on numerous topics including negotiating the best loan terms, finding the lowest rate and paying for closing costs. Learn how to spot and avoid common mortgage scams, overcome obstacles to getting approved for your loan and how to finance different types of properties.  Our mortgage advice section offers in-depth information for all types of applicants ranging from well-qualified to credit-challenged borrowers.  Learn how to navigate the most challenging situations to select the mortgage and lender that best meet your needs. 

Mortgage GuideMortgage Expert Insights

Our Mortgage Expert Insights review the positives and negatives for over 30 loan programs so that you can find the one that is right for you.  Learn the advantages and disadvantages for conventional, government-backed and low down payment mortgage programs from a seasoned mortgage professional with decades of experience.  Understanding the pros and cons for different mortgage programs with our Mortgage Expert Insights helps you identify the financing option that fits your financial and personal objectives.  

Mortgage GuideMortgage Encyclopedia

Mortgage terminology can seem like a foreign language so we developed our comprehensive Mortgage Encyclopedia to provide helpful translations.  Our encyclopedia includes detailed explanations for over 350 mortgage terms so you can understand all of the words and phrases you come across when you get a mortgage.  By improving your understanding of important terminology, our Mortgage Enyclopedia enables you to avoid confusion and make more educated decisions. 

Mortgage GuideExample Mortgage Documents

Getting a mortgage involves reviewing a multitude of documents that comprise hundreds of pages of paperwork.  Because of the time pressure and unfamiliar subject matter you may not always understand the documents you are required to sign.  These documents are legally binding and and outline a significant financial commitment on your part, so it is important to fully understand what they mean.  We offer an array of Example Mortgage Documents so you can review them in advance and learn the purpose of each.  The more you know about mortgage documents, the more  comfortable you should be when it comes time to sign your documents and close your loan.

Mortgage GuideMortgage Videos

We provide a comprehensive selection of instructional mortgage videos that address a wide variety of topics.  We created our videos to help people to learn about complicated mortgage subjects.  Our illustrated videos are free to watch and provide engaging explanations and helpful examples that make learning about mortgages faster and easier.  Our Mortgage Videos are a great way to boost your knowledge before you apply for your loan.