Example Lender Fees Worksheet

Example Lender Fees Worksheet

The Lender Fees Worksheet a detailed breakdown of mortgage costs and expenses. Although the lender is not legally required to provide you with the fees worksheet, it should provide the document to you if requested. The example below shows a $380,000 30 year fixed rate mortgage with an interest rate of 4.250%. The borrower pays $1,070 in lender fees and does not pay any discount points to lower his or her interest rate.

In this example, we show the mortgage closing on the 5th day of a month with 30 days so the borrower pays interest for 25 days (the borrower is required to pay interest from the day the mortgage closes until the end of the month in which the mortgage closes). In addition to a breakdown of other closing costs such as the appraisal fee, escrow fee and title insurance cost, estimated total monthly housing expense is also provided on the bottom right of the worksheet. Please note that this is an example Lender Fees Worksheet document and should be used for informational purposes only.

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