Mortgage Acceleration Calculators

Our mortgage acceleration calculators enable you to determine the financial benefits of overpaying a fixed rate, interest only or bi-weekly loan.  Use these calculators to evaluate different acceleration scenarios and learn how overpaying your mortgage reduces the number of loan payments you are required to make, pays off your mortgage faster, lowers your interest cost and saves you money.  Our calculators enable you to better understand how mortgage acceleration can be a valuable tool for financial planning.

CalculatorMortgage Acceleration Calculator

Learn how applying mortgage acceleration and adding money to your monthly payment can shorten the length of your loan and save you money on total interest expense.  Compare the number of monthly mortgage payments you are required to make and your interest cost both with and without mortgage acceleration.  Understand how your number of mortgage payments and how much money you save changes based on how much and when you accelerate your loan.  Includes an interactive table that demonstrates how overpaying reduces your mortgage term by paying down your loan at an accelerate rate.

CalculatorInterest Only Mortgage Acceleration Calculator

Determine how applying mortgage acceleration to an interest only loan lowers your required payment and pays down your principal balance faster.  Understand how your overpayment amount and method of acceleration impacts your principal reduction and outstanding loan balance when the interest only period expires and you are required to start paying principal.  Compare your interest cost during the interest only period with and without mortgage acceleration.

CalculatorBi-Weekly Mortgage Acceleration Calculator

Understand how overpaying a bi-weekly mortgage enables you to reduce your total interest cost and eliminate payments from your loan term.  Evaluate different acceleration amounts and start dates to learn how you can save money on your mortgage and cut the length of your loan by overpaying a bi-weekly mortgage.