Mortgage and Refinance Guides

We offer numerous interactive guides that cover every type of mortgage from home purchase loans to refinancing to reverse mortgages.  All of our guides are free, easy-to-use and offer extensive information on important mortgage subjects.   Our guides make challenging mortgage concepts easy to understand and empower you to make more informed decisions when you get a mortgage.  From choosing the right lender, to selecting your program and saving money on your loan, reviewing our guides enables you to find the mortgage that is right for you, whether you are a first-time home buyer or experienced borrower.  Select the guide or cheat sheet below that best meets your needs.

Mortgage GuideMortgage Cheat Sheet

Our Mortgage Cheat Sheet offers tips and advice that are especially applicable to first-time home buyers.  Understand key mortgage topics such as mortgage qualification, how much home you can afford, your down payment and loan program selection.  Our Mortgage Cheat Sheet enables you to quickly learn about the mortgage process and provides helpful information that every borrower should know before you submit your loan application.   

Mortgage GuideMortgage Guide

Our Mortgage Guide offers comprehensive information on every step of the mortgage process.  From how to get organized for a mortgage, to getting pre-approved to signing loan documents, our guide explains everything you need to know about getting a mortgage.  Our Mortgage Guide answers all of your mortgage questions with in-depth explanations and insightful examples.  Review our guide to become the most knowledgeable borrower possible.  

Mortgage GuideRefinance Guide

Our Refinance Guide enables to you understand when you should refinance your loan including the different types of refinances such as rate and term, cash out and debt consolidation.  Learn how to determine if your refinance savings justify the costs and what to look out for when you refinance.  Understand how a refinance is different than a mortgage to buy a home, how long the process takes and why you should always shop lenders when you refinance.

Mortgage GuideMortgage Topics

Our Mortgage Topics resource is the place to go if you want to significantly expand your mortgage knowledge.  From process fundamentals to industry regulations and important lender subjects, our Mortgage Topics section offers detailed information on key mortgage concepts.   If you looking to understand complicated mortgage issues, this is the place to start. 

Mortgage GuideReverse Mortgage Guide

Our Reverse Mortgage Guide offers objective and unbiased information on how reverse mortgages work, their positives and negatives and key risks potential borrowers should be aware of.  Understand important reverse mortgage terminology, program options and how much money you can borrower with a reverse mortgage.  Developed by a mortgage expert with over 45 year of experience, our guide reveals the truth about reverse mortgages including insider tips lenders do not want you to know.