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FHA Loan Limit Calculator

Use our FHA Loan Limit Calculator to determine the FHA mortgage limit for any county in the U.S. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers the FHA Mortgage Program to help moderate-income individuals or individuals with limited funds purchase homes. There are limits to the size of mortgage you can obtain through the FHA program.  FHA loan limits vary by county and the number of units in the property, up to a maximum of four units. Areas with higher costs of living have higher FHA loan limits and areas with lower living costs have lower limits.  Single unit properties, such as homes, have the lowest FHA mortgage limit and four unit properties, such as a small condominium building, have the highest mortgage limits.  Input your state, county and the number of units in the property into our FHA Loan Limit Calculator to determine the FHA mortgage limit in your area. You can also use our FHA Mortgage Qualification Calculator to determine the FHA mortgage you qualify for and review other details about the program.

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While we pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of the FREEandCLEAR mortgage calculators please note that they should be used for informational purposes only. Our calculators rely on assumptions by us and inputs and assumptions provided by you, which may be inaccurate. The outputs from our calculators are estimates only and should not be used as the sole basis for making any financial decisions. Always consult multiple financial professionals when determining the mortgage size and program that is appropriate for you.

How FHA Loan Limits Work


FHA Loan Limits Vary by County

FHA loan limits vary by county and by the number of units in the property being financed with single unit properties having the lowest loan limits.  There is one set of loan limits for the 48 contiguous United States, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico and a higher set of loan limits for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  In the contiguous U.S., Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, FHA loan limits for a single unit property such as a home or condominium range from $294,514 to $679,650 in counties with a higher cost of living and housing prices.  The limit for a four unit property ranges from $566,425 to $1,307,175 in high cost counties.  In Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands FHA loan limits range from $1,019,475 for a single unit property to $1,960,750 for a four unit property.  Use our FHA Loan Limit Calculator to determine the FHA mortgage limit for your county.


FHA Program Property Eligibility Requirements

The FHA home loan program applies to one-to-four unit owner occupied primary residences.  If you use an FHA mortgage to buy a multi-unit property you must live in one of the units.  Second and vacation homes as well as non-owner occupied investment properties are ineligible for the FHA home loan program.  Our FHA Loan Limit Calculator enables you to understand how the limit changes depending on the number of units in the property.

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