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Mortgage Refinance Timeline

Michael Jensen, Mortgage and Finance Guru
By , Mortgage and Finance Guru
Edited by Harry Jensen

The timetable to refinance your mortgage varies depending on many factors but the process typically takes four-to-seven weeks. Variables such as if you are changing lenders, switching loan programs or taking cash-out can all affect how long it takes to refinance your mortgage. Other changes to your personal, financial or employment situations can also impact process timing. For example, if your credit score changed significantly or you moved jobs, it can take more time to process your refinance application.

If your application information has remained relatively consistent and you are doing a simple rate and term refinance, the process can go relatively quickly. In the most straightforward of cases, your refinance can be completed in less than a month. If your circumstances are more complicated, it can take up to two months to process and close your refinance so you should include a buffer in your timetable.

The mortgage refinance timeline below outlines the major steps in the process from determining how much equity you have in your home, to the right of rescission period, to funding your refinance.  To scroll to the end of the timeline move the white circle across the page or click below and use your forward and back arrow keys.  We also provide a day-by-day mortgage closing schedule.

It is important to emphasize that when you refinance your mortgage you should expect the unexpected including delays and unforeseen issues. The process almost always takes longer than anticipated so you should build a cushion into your time frame to make sure your refinancing closes when you need it to.

Week 1

Get Organized

Determine Refinance Amount

Check Your Credit Report

Credit Score Required for a Mortgage

Determine How Much Equity You Have in Your Property


Weeks 5-8

Finalize Mortgage Application

Lock Your Refinancing

Settlement Agent Opens Escrow

Settlement Agent Orders Title Report

Lender Orders Appraisal

Receive Lender Underwriting Approval

Review Closing Disclosure (CD)

Settlement Agent Orders Loan Documents

Review & Sign Documents

3 Day Right of Rescission Period

Fund Mortgage

Record Mortgage Documents

Close Refinance!

Finish Line
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