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Use our mortgage quote service to find the lender and the loan that are right for you. Our easy-to-use form enables you to quickly compare proposals from multiple lenders, taking the hassle out of shopping for a mortgage.  The service is free and requires no credit check so it does not affect your score.

Simply fill-out the mortgage quote form below to be connected with leading lenders in your area.  Our form requires minimal personal information and is no obligation.  Plus, shopping lenders is one of best ways to save money on your mortgage.  

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How to Compare Mortgage Quotes

Shopping for a mortgage can be complicated and time-consuming but comparing multiple loan quotes is the best way to save money. A recent study by a leading mortgage industry organization showed that prospective borrowers who contacted two lenders saved less than $1,500 on their mortgage while borrowers who shopped five lenders saved an average of $3,000, or more than double. Simply put, the more lenders you shop, the more money you save.

Our mortgage quote feature enables you to review proposals from up to five lenders which helps you find the best loan terms. When you compare loan quotes it is key to remember that you are in control. You choose a lender, and not the other way around. In addition to your loan terms make sure that the lender provides a high level of customer service and support.

It is important to understand the key items to focus on when you compare quotes. The most significant loan terms are your mortgage rate and closing costs.

A lower rate reduces your monthly payment, while lower closing costs reduce how much money you are required to contribute to close your mortgage. Lenders that offer lower interest rates may charge higher closing costs and vice versa. You can use our mortgage quote form to find the lender that offers the lowest combination of rate and fees.

In addition to your mortgage rate and closing costs several other factors affect your loan terms. Our mortgage quote feature takes the following factors inputs into account so that the proposals lenders provide you are as accurate as possible:

Our mortgage quote service follows three simple steps to match you with top-rated lenders. Remember, this service is free and no obligation.

Provide Your Info

You provide some basic personal and financial info

Connect with Lenders

We connect you with up to five FREEandCLEAR approved lenders

Select Your Mortgage!

Compare lender proposals and select the mortgage that is right for you

Reasons to Get a Mortgage Quote


Save Money

Simply put, comparing multiple lenders is the best way to save money on your mortgage.  Most people shop to find the best deal on a car, television or even gas and the same approach applies to mortgages.  Shopping lenders enables you to find the mortgage with the lowest interest rate and closing costs.  According to an independent study by mortgage industry leader Freddie Mac, borrowers that received two mortgage quotes save an average of $1,500 and borrowers that received five proposals saved an average of $3,000.  Plus, saving on your mortgage is not a one-time benefit.  By finding a lower mortgage rate you save money every month which can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of your loan.  


Save Time

By enabling you to fill out one simple form to compare up to four lenders, our service enables you to shop for a mortgage quickly and easily.  Instead of filling out multiple forms for different lenders, you provide your information only once and are connected with multiple lenders near you.  Shopping lenders can be a time-consuming process but our form can be completed in under two minutes.  Plus, our form focuses on only the most important information which means it is simpler to use and requires less time to complete.  When you combine the amount of time you save with the amount of money you could potentially save, getting a mortgage quote makes a lot of sense for borrowers.     


Compare Leading Lenders

When you submit a mortgage quote request with FREEandCLEAR we connect you with leading lenders in your area.  These lenders offer competitive mortgage terms and a wide range of mortgage programs to meet your financing needs.  And because lenders know they are competing against other lenders for your mortgage business, they are more likely to offer attractive loan terms.  Additionally, these lenders strive to offer a superior level of customer service to all borrowers.    


No Obligation

You have absolutely no obligation to work with a lender that provides you a mortgage proposal.  While our hope is that you find one of the proposals provided by the lenders in our network attractive enough to select, you are not required to work with a lender we connect you with.  You decide the lender and mortgage program that best meets your personal and financial goals and we believe comparing quotes helps you make a more informed decision.  Additionally, because you are not obligated to work with a specific lender, you have more control over the mortgage process.  For example, we encourage you to compare loan proposals and negotiate better terms with lenders.  Providing no obligation mortgage quotes offers you the flexibility to choose the lender that is right for you.  


Does Not Cost a Penny

Like all of the resources on FREEandCLEAR, our mortgage quote service is completely free.  There is absolutely no charge to receive quotes.  Offering this service for free enables us to reach more borrowers and help more people save money on their mortgage.


Limited Personal Information Required

Our mortgage quote form requires a minimal amount of personal information from prospective borrowers.  We do not require borrowers to submit their date of birth or home address and never request your social security number.  Limiting the amount of personal information we request enhances your privacy and streamlines the quote process.  We value your privacy and personal information and request the least amount of information necessary to complete the form and connect you with lenders.  


Does Not Hurt Your Credit Score

Because lenders do not pull your credit report to provide you a proposal, getting a mortgage quote from FREEandCLEAR does not affect your credit score.  This enables you to shop multiple lenders without worrying that your credit score will go down.  


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