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Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Monday October 02, 2017
Mortgage Bait and Switch — Perception Versus RealityPOSTED: Tuesday September 26, 2017

Let’s face it, the mortgage lending industry does not have the best reputation.  Much of the dissatisfaction is centered around the idea that lenders bait and switch borrowers, or promise attractive terms upfront to win your mortgage business but then fail to deliver those terms when it comes time to close your loan.  Changing terms at […]

Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Sunday September 24, 2017
Disaster Relief Mortgage Program Helps Communities RebuildPOSTED: Thursday September 21, 2017

As disaster victims in several states start the process of rebuilding in the aftermath of the damage inflicted by hurricanes Irma and Harvey, FREEandCLEAR want to shine a spotlight on a government-backed home loan program that can help communities rebuild their homes as well as their lives.   The FHA 203(h) Program enables borrowers that live in Presidentially-designated disaster areas and whose […]

Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Monday September 18, 2017 Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Sunday September 10, 2017 Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Monday September 04, 2017
How Do Borrowers Really Feel About Their Mortgage?POSTED: Wednesday August 30, 2017

In the aftermath of the real estate crisis many borrowers expressed intense dissatisfaction toward their mortgage lenders.  Right or wrong, borrowers often accused lenders of putting them in bad mortgages that they did not really understand and could not really afford.  Although we do not have official statistics that measure borrower sentiment in 2008, it is […]