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Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Sunday April 23, 2017
The Mortgage Industry Consumes Over 260,000 Trees AnnuallyPOSTED: Monday April 17, 2017

At first thought there does not seem to be a common thread between mortgages and Earth Day but when you consider the volume of paperwork involved in the mortgage process the connection becomes more clear.  Mortgage document overload represents a significant concern for both borrowers and the environment.   Mortgage paperwork can overwhelm even the most experienced […]

Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Sunday April 16, 2017
How Satisfied Are Borrowers With Their Mortgage Lender?POSTED: Thursday April 13, 2017

There are multiple factors that determine if your mortgage process was positive and successful.  Mortgage rate, closing costs, timeline and lender customer service are all important inputs to your mortgage experience.  While all these components are important, there is perhaps no better measure of the mortgage experience than borrower satisfaction with their lender.   In a way, borrower lender […]

Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Sunday April 09, 2017
How Knowledgeable Are Mortgage Lenders?POSTED: Thursday April 06, 2017

The turmoil in the mortgage market over the past several years resulted in significant personnel turnover at lenders.  Many lenders ceased operations and droves of experienced mortgage professionals changed careers or retired in response to the industry downturn.   At the same time many mortgage veterans were leaving the industry, new rules and regulations were adopted […]

Mortgage Market Weekly UpdatePOSTED: Sunday April 02, 2017
How Much Do Borrowers Trust Mortgage Lenders?POSTED: Thursday March 30, 2017

It has been almost nine years since the darkest hour of the real estate crisis.  While the real estate and mortgage markets have improved significantly since 2008, many borrowers remain scarred from devastating events of that era.  Even if the the market collapse did not affect you directly, you probably know someone who experienced the traumatic impact of a […]