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Mortgage Guides, Checklists and Timelines

The FREEandCLEAR mortgage guides, checklists and timelines will help you prepare for, and successfully navigate, the mortgage process from start to finish. Understand how to get organized in advance of obtaining a mortgage, familiarize yourself with the mortgage process timetable and avoid unnecessary surprises by knowing what to expect every step of the way – from selecting a lender to closing your mortgage.

  • Mortgage Process Guides
  • Comprehensive guides that walk you through the mortgage and refinance processes step-by-step
  • Mortgage ProgramsFirst-Time Home Buyer Cheat Sheet

    Mortgage ProgramsHome Purchase Mortgage Guide

    Mortgage ProgramsMortgage Refinance Guide

    Mortgage ProgramsReverse Mortgage Guide

  • Mortgage Process Checklists
  • Checklists that help you prepare and get organized for the mortgage and refinance processes
  • Mortgage ProgramsHome Purchase Mortgage Checklist

    Mortgage ProgramsMortgage Refinance Checklist

  • Mortgage Process Timelines
  • Detailed timelines to help you stay on track and on target throughout the mortgage and refinance processes
  • Mortgage ProgramsHome Purchase Mortgage Timeline

    Mortgage ProgramsDay-by-Day Mortgage Process Schedule

    Mortgage ProgramsMortgage Refinance Timeline


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