Mortgage Quiz

We developed our Mortgage Quiz to enable you to become a more informed borrower and save time and money on your loan. The mortgage process can be complicated and overwhelming so take our quiz to test your knowledge of important mortgage topics. Our quiz enhances your understanding of key subjects including the following:

Credit score. Learn how your credit score impacts your mortgage rate and loan terms.
Mortgage affordability. Understand what size loan you can afford.
Total monthly housing expense. Review the costs you are responsible for when you have a mortgage.
Mortgage program selection. Determine the loan program that fits your needs.
Mortgage length. Understand how the length of your loan affects your payment and interest cost.
Comparing mortgage proposals. Learn how to find the best mortgage terms.

Our Mortgage Quiz offers informative tips for each question to help guide you to the correct answers. You can also review helpful explanations and provide your information to understand how each topic applies to you. So take our quiz to improve your mortgage knowledge and review your personalized mortgage recommendation.

1 Credit Profile


What is the minimum credit score most lenders require to receive their best interest rate on your mortgage?

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2 Mortgage Affordability


How much of your monthly gross income should you spend on your mortgage payment and other debt expenses?

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3 Monthly Housing Expense


Which of these cost items are considered part of total monthly housing expense?

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The property type you are looking to purchase
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4 Mortgage Program


Your interest rate and monthly mortgage payment will not change with what mortgage program?

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The mortgage program you are looking to use
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5 Mortgage Length


What length of mortgage offers borrowers both the lowest total interest expense and
highest monthly mortgage payment?

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The mortgage term you're looking to use
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6 Lender Comparison


What document is a lender required to provide that allows a borrower to compare multiple mortgage proposals?

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