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Onewest Bank is a bank with operations in one state. Onewest Bank offers numerous mortgage programs including conventional, jumbo and non-owner occupied mortgages. Onewest Bank is a FREEandCLEAR Certified Gold Low Rate Lender and Technology All Star.

NMLS ID: 541760
Online Application

Onewest Bank offers an online mortgage application

Lender Type

Mortgage Bank
Mortgage Broker
Credit Union
Private Money Lender

Mortgage Programs

Onewest Bank offers the following loan programs: Conventional, Jumbo, Interest Only, Non-Owner Occupied, Home Equity / HELOC, Portfolio Loans

Interest Only
Non-Owner Occupied
HUD Section 184
Home Possible
Other Low / No Down Payment
FHA 203(k)
HomeStyle Renovation
Construction / C2P
Reverse Mortgage
Home Equity / HELOC
Asset Depletion
Portfolio Loans
Credit-Challenged Borrowers
Self-Employed Borrowers
Bank Statement / Stated Income
Foreign National Borrowers
Land / Lot Loans
Manufactured Home Loans
Private Money

Onewest Bank Locations

Onewest Bank is licensed in California

Lender licensed in state
Lender not licensed in state

Borrower Reviews

Karl L
Mortgage Rate:
Closing Costs:
Customer Service:

Do not ever, EveR, EVER do business with this bank. Especially when it comes to the procurement of a mortgage. I first moved into this neighborhood over 25 years ago and have done business with this bank (back to the days of First Federal) the whole time. I moved out of my house in 2010 leaving behind the wife and children whom I supported. I have been waiting for the day I can move back into the Beloved House. Especially, the last 4 years, I have been living in this Godforsaken Apartment in the godforsaken neighborhood of NeverMind. Anyway, I can now move back to the home neighborhood. I reestablish friendly, personal (non—electronic) relations with my friendly, personal neighborhood bank. (Now OneWest or, not even, CIT. I will refer to it as OneWest since that’s what the sign says.) It was suggested that since there was considerable damage done to Beloved House in the interim and since I had over two months lease left on the Godforsaken Apartment that I do some serious remodeling. So why not do a remortgage with OneWest with a substantial cash out. Good idea. Talked with a contractor, everything ready to go. Meanwhile, back at the bank: Dawdle, dawdle, dawdle. E.g., they acquired from their own records a phone number which was not in use and had the appraiser calling and calling this number for over a week. Papers, documents and forms got sent, resent and re—resent. Dawdle, dawdle, dawdle. Then, just when I was about to contact some shake—’n—bake loan organization for an alternative mortgage plan, OneWest comes through. I have been pre-approved and will certainly get this loan. Construction starts. The bank? Dawdle, dawdle, dawdle. And some prying into intimate details of my unremarkable, boring finances (to which they had full access since, after all, I did all my banking at OneWest) not to mention various aspects of my personal life. Finally after 6—7 weeks, it is time to sign. BTW, Shake—’n—bake loans take about 3 weeks, other banks 3—5. On the day I was supposed to sign, I get an e—mail from the loan officer that the loan has been rejected. Why? Because the underwriter, in all of her wisdom has concluded that I did NOT want to move back into Beloved House after all. Indeed, it was concluded that what I DID want to do was to fix up the house for a rental and, … , continue to reside in the Godforsaken Apartment. Then a careful calculation of (my rent) (my new mortgage payment) (my known expenses) allows them to conclude that I would be coming up short about $800/month to qualify for this loan. (I.e., having this loan AND continuing to pay rent would cost me $800/month more than my current expenses.) Hey, if I had intended to rent the house, which I had not, what about the 4—10 thousand per month that I would have been making in rental income. If I had wanted to rent the Beloved House. Which I did not. But, no fear, the good folks at OneWest are going to escalate — overturn the judgement of the underwriter. Dawdle, dawdle, dawdle. Several weeks later, this has gone to highest regional office of OneWest — who agree that I should get this loan — but, unfortunately, a committee of regional underwriters has upheld the decision of the original underwriter. No loan. This has put me in an impossible position with the contractor (and has put the contractor in an impossible position with himself). Now any sort of loan is very difficult to acquire. And not cheap either. Details will be omitted. Bottom line: I have been agonizing and scrapping with the full spectrum of loan granting institutions and have acquired a very expensive loan. Remodeling will recommence. Aside from months of my time, all this has cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Several tens. And, for the time being: Still stuck in the Godforsaken Apartment. Need a mortgage? Try the Shake—’n—bake organizations or, maybe, try a respectable bank that actually wants to transact business. Anything but OneWest Bank.

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